HLA is an international retail chain brand for one-stop self-option men’s wear. HLA always holds that, fashion is necessary for daily life. HLA devoted itself to providing fashionable design, high-quality products and excellent shopping experience for men all over the world. It closely follows the global popular fashion elements, so as to make light-fashion high-quality products that meet with taste and preference of people at large.

H originates from “High quality”. It indicates high quality clothes and high value brand.

Fashion is not unattainable and high quality doesn’t always mean high price. Our philosophy to pursue cost performance runs through every aspect of our production. The mature supply chain management system and quality control system enables HLA to invest more in lifting product quality instead of consumption in links. The high value comes from quality, as well as the brand power. Since establishment, HLA has started to lift the brand value through the branding business mode. As a lifestyle brand, what we are selling to the global males is the relaxed, fashionable and decent personal image. This is where our high value lies.

L comes from “live”. It symbolizes youth, vitality, sense of fashion and continual updating.

We are brave enough for innovation and try to bring the customers with more “IN” product. The continual updating arouses the infinite inspiration for customer’s wearing and helps then to explore personal featured wearing philosophy. We deliver a comfortable, fashionable and stylish lifestyle while transmitting the fashion information to the world. In this way, we promotes development of the fashion industry.

A comes from “affordable”. Our products are with excellent quality and reasonable price and can be easily bought at one stop.

Based on the life scenes of males at the age of 25-40, we provide all-category clothes. Positioning of our products is commercial, fashionable and casual men’s wear with affordable price and high quality for common people. The product series include suits, leisure suits, jackets, overcoats, down jackets, sweaters, knitwear, shirts, T-shirts, suit pants, casual pants, jeans, and belts, ties, scarves, socks, leather shoes, etc., which almost cover all the daily basic clothes, functional clothes and exclusive designer’s cooperation series for work and daily life. The abundant products of HLA can meet almost all the demands of men in wearing. The customers can match the single products freely. In this way, we really enable all purchases at one stop.